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About Us


Swiz-Tech possess the professional, technical, human resources capability, and requisite tools and equipment complemented with well-grounded support and expertise to execute any tasking engineering design, construction and installation project in a rapidly efficient, and also to Provide competent resources in a cost effective manner, without compromising the minimum requirements of Quality or Client Expectations.

The Swiz-Tech team is comprised of experts who have shown demonstrable evidence of their capabilities in respective areas of specialization, and achieving qualitative work output even under enormous pressure.

Swiz-Tech shall provide all management, supervision, personnel, materials and equipment, engineering and other services, consumables, facilities and all other things of a temporary or a permanent nature, so far as the necessity for providing the same is specified in the contract, or reasonably inferred as agreed with the Client for the completion of any work in the project.

Swiz-Tech warrants and guarantees that it shall perform all works in the project as may be specified in the contract in accordance with the Client’s scope of work, technical specifications and any addendum to overall contract, and that the work shall be free from defects.

Swiz-Tech shall carry out its obligations under any contract with the Client and shall execute the project with all due care and diligence and with the skill to be expected of a reputable contractor experienced in the types of work to be carried out in the project. The completed work shall be fit for the purpose as specified in the project scope of work under any contract with the Client.

Except to the extent that it may physically be impossible, or create a hazard to Client and Swiz-Tech Projects personnel, plant and equipment, Swiz-Tech Projects shall comply with all Client’s instructions on all matters relating to the work as specified in the project under any contract with the Client.


Swiz-Tech provides professional and efficient turnkey engineering and construction services but also embracing various aspects in the following categories.

Telecommunication (Turnkey Projects)

    Provide resources
    Technical Site Survey, Preparation and Construction
    Structural Engineering and Facilities Design, Construction and Installation
    Telecom Mast and Tower Installation, Earthing and Lightening Protection
    Construction of Mobile Network Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), and Digital Radio Relay Stations (SRRS).
    Network Radio Frequency (RF), and Transmission Systems Planning and Execution.
    Drive Test and OMC Statistics
    Installation of Power transformer and Electro-Mechanical and Control Systems.
    Manage Services (Operations and Maintenance)
    Overall Project Management
    Inspection Services on Telecommunication Projects
    Consultancy Services and Owner’s Representatives Geotechnical and Soil Engineering
    Engineering Subsoil Investigation
    Geophysical / geological and Hydrographic Investigations
    Vibroflotation Compaction / Soil Stabilization
    Groundwater Control and dewatering systems

18 Years of Experience

Swiz-Tech was an idea that developed in the year 2000 but began a slow but steady formation as a group of freelance consulting and projects engineers.

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0 Manpower Outsorcing
0 Telecoms & Network Services
0 Project Management

Provision of Man Power in Line with Specification

Our executive and non-excutive search and selection process is sightful and specifically fashioned to meet your strategic business process, operations, culture and values.