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About Us

Formation of Swiz-Tech Projects

The Technical Professional team behind the formation of Swiz-Tech Nigeria Limited, all started their respective careers in the Engineering and Construction, Oil and Gas industries as employees, and some as freelance consultants on various major telecommunications engineering and construction projects respectively. Each member of the team has clearly distinguished themselves in their various fields and capacities.

Having the responsibility to provide multitasking telecoms consultancy and resources provider services on some major projects in Nigeria and Sub- Sahara Africa some years back, there was a strong need and demand to provide skilled and competent personnel to undertake these enormous tasks. This underscored the need to have a team of competent engineers on a common company platform. A strong team will provide the requisite strength to fully engage in business based on trust and commitment and impeccable ethics. Thus the formation of a consolidated engineering company that will formally provide the appropriate platform to fully satisfy Client needs. The evolution and formation for Swiz-Tech Nigeria Limited has been conceived about a decade earlier. Significant and challenging engineers working and freelance consultants prior to the formation of Swiz-Tech.

Swiz-Tech Projects Team Experience

Swiz-Tech was an idea that developed in the year 2000 but began a slow but steady formation as a group of freelance consulting and projects engineers.

Swiz-Tech team engaged in subcontracting and consultancy services to reputable engineering and construction companies such as Ericsson, Nigeria Communication Commission, Baker Hughes, Intercontinental Bank, Encon International Ltd, IBFC Augustus Training Ltd.

The Global System of Mobile (GSM) Challenge

Swiz-Tech has simply repositioned itself to render efficient and rapid engineering and construction services to the GSM service network provides.

Swiz-Tech teams of engineers have been in the business of telecommunication enterprise and are well vast and acquainted with the many problems network providers encounter in ensuring a profitable business. These problems range from site identification, location, negotiation and acquisition, site geotechnical surveys, cell site preparation, construction, telecommunication facilities installation, testing and commissioning.

In line with this professional commitment, the Swiz-Tech team offers cutting edge services to GSM Operators main contractors anywhere within the Nigerian sub- region.